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Our Story

It's not often that you decide to go into business with someone within ten minutes of meeting them, but that is exactly our story. Veronica and I were roommates at a leadership conference of the National Society of Black Engineers in 2002 and within ten minutes of saying hello, we decided that one day we would start a business. We were both passionate about environmental justice in vulnerable communities. She approached it from a transportation and land use framework, and I approached it from industrial pollution. Little did we know, that spark would light a flame that would one day start Nspiregreen. After going off into our careers, we came back in 2010 to start a firm that would better integrate communities into the projects that impacted them.

We remain true to our passions. As the impact of climate change impacts us all, vulnerable communities are more at risk. Finding ways to mitigate these risks through planning and engineering are what we do. 

About the Company

Nspiregreen is a boutique consulting firm focused on environmental, community, and multimodal transportation planning. Our mission is to transform and empower every community on the planet and over the last ten years we have done that by providing services in the Washington, DC region, which includes Maryland and Northern Virginia, as well as in other states including South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 

Three immutable laws direct and guide how we do business:

  • Creativity: We use out of box approaches to assist our clients with public participation and outreach. 

  • Nothing is impossible: Our positivity is undeniable. We believe there are no limits to what is possible. To us “impossible” is “I’m possible”. It is this attitude that allows us to inspire innovation. 

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: We are driven by the fact that we are serving a higher purpose and doing good things for the world. We exploit laughter, fun & enjoyment, yet we do it at no one’s expense. 

Nspiregreen Awards


Community Development Award, Small Business Majority


Employer of the Year, Women's Transportation Seminar - DC Chapter


Small Businesswomen of the Year, Congress Heights Community Organization


Contact Us
1012 14th Street, Suite 915
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 793-5600
clundy @
info @

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