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About Destination Liberation

Growing up in Selma, Alabama, I know first-hand how poverty can limit access to opportunities. My grandmother worked very hard, but we often lacked the resources to afford the extras. This has always stuck with me and I am grateful for people who sowed into me when we just didn’t have it. After participating in my first international trip to Mali, West Africa in 2000, I felt that exposure to other cultures and history shouldn’t be something that only those who could afford it should experience. Conceived on paper in 2009, it would take me a decade to bring the full vision of Destination Liberation to life.  I really want to make sure that black girls from communities like mine can see the world and through that travel learn more about themselves and how to help their communities.


The mission of Destination Liberation is to educate, expose, and empower young black women through global learning experiences throughout the African Diaspora.

Give to Destination Liberation and support our work. We are a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

View our 2019 trip to Ghana, West Africa and find out more about us by visiting

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