It's Just High School

Inspiring reflections of the beauty, pain, and pressure of high school life



About This Anthology    -   Raw. Real. Reflective.

Heartbreak. Teen Mom. Frenemies. Racism. Rebel. Promiscuity. These are just a few of the stories you will read about in It’s Just High School. This intense but inspirational addictive anthology takes you on an exhilarating journey of 18 Black women as they reflect on the maze that is high school. True stories, written by the women who lived them, are used as lessons to pay it forward to the next generation of girls. These dynamic women have shared their truths in hopes of showing others that with a made-up mind, the only thing that can stop you from reaching your destiny is YOU. We are proof positive that the road we travel may be bumpy but it can be overcome.


A 31 Day DEvotional

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It is no easy feat living an extraordinary life as an extraordinary woman. With everything that you must expend to be you, it is imperative that you invest time in replenishing all that you are pouring out. Inevitably, you are going to face some challenges that will threaten to undo the very fabric of your womanhood. However, with God at the helm of your life journey and women who have overcome similar challenges, you can conquer anything. EmpowerMoments for the Everyday Woman is your personal small army of sisters who were sent to share how they overcame so that you too can win. This collection of intimate devotionals is designed to positively impact you as a woman. Take a moment daily to EMPOWER your womanhood! This 31-day journey includes: •Raw & relatable stories from real women with real struggles •Daily prayers to help petition God in the subject area •Empower statements that help launch you into a new dimension in your womanhood •Attainable action items to aid in your journey to becoming the woman God created you to be

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